Decontamination Units

Toilette Mobile Star Suites

Toilette-Mobile Star Suites is proud to be innovative with its new range of sanitary trailers and decontamination units. These new units are intended to enhance hygiene and healthiness standards in the construction, municipal, agricultural industries and in the world of golf courses.

Toilette Mobile has been offering sanitary units for more than 15 years for events and is now expands its service to adapt the service and products for construction workers and outdoor facilities. Which means that construction sites, golf courses amusement parks, ski resort and much more can now have access to quality sanitary units adapted for their business.

Sustainable and effective, these units were designed to bring hygiene and cleanliness to construction sites, a touch of comfort to municipal events and a brand image to golf courses. Our range of sanitary is available for long-term rental purposes or for sale, depending on your needs.

The prime alternative for Chemical Toilets

For a better experience for your customers or a superior comfort and hygiene standard for your employees and staff members, the main choice you have to look for is a sanitary unit by Toilette Mobile Star Suites. The clean design of the toilet units, portable shower and sanitary units when you compare to the traditional chemical toilets will automatically get the area much more welcoming and inviting. It is a perfect addition to any construction site or outdoor field like golf courses.

The Toilette-Mobile Star Suites Team

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